Fromagerie l'Ancêtre Why are most L’Ancêtre cheeses lactose free? - Fromagerie l'Ancêtre

Why are most L’Ancêtre cheeses lactose free?

Lactose is natural milk sugar and has no taste or smell. Part of the natural cheese aging process involves good lactic  acid bacteria feeding on the lactose in the cheese, eliminating it naturally. The longer our unpasteurized cheeses are  aged, the less lactose there is. Most of our cheddars, as well as our parmesan, swiss, goudas, Baluchon, raclette and fondues are lactose free for that very reason. One of the steps in making our 7% M.F. Frugal and mozzarella, involves rinsing the curds in water. The lactose is attracted to the water and dissolves into it, leaving the solids. So when the water is removed, the lactose goes with it.

All our products have been tested for lactose content. —you can see the results in our big book of cheese!

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