Fromagerie l'Ancêtre Unsalted Butter - Certified Organic | Fromagerie L'Ancêtre


Unsalted Butter M.F. 84%

Our 84% organic pasture butter is made with just one ingredient: organic fresh cream! This is an organic pasture butter because the cows eat a minimum of 60% of grass daily and grazed outside for a minimum of 120 days a year.

As this butter contains less humidity and a higher fat content, it is the perfect ally for successful pastries because it offers a higher melting point.

Organic butter is known to provide the right balance of omega fatty acids and higher conjugated linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, both essential for human health.



Organic cream (organic milk).

M.F.: 84% Moisture: 15%

Available size

  • 250 g
HRI / Food processor size

  • 12 kg
  • 25 kg