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Organic Milk: Our Raw Material


L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory’s dairy products are particularly delicious because we only give our cows the best. In return, they give us organic milk without any pressure to achieve a pre-determined, excessively high yield.

According to Organic standards, dairy cows are not given growth hormones or antibiotics and their natural rhythms are respected. Every day, we work in harmony with our cows and take care of their every need. They can enjoy the grass in the fields and pastures as well as top-quality organic cereals and grains. We make sure they have a good quality of life so that they can live long, healthy lives in freedom. Our respect for the animals and their environment means that, in exchange, we obtain a raw material of the very highest quality for making our organic cheeses and organic butters.



Certified Organic Unpasteurized Milk

Depending on the manufacturing process and the length of the ripening stage, cheeses made with raw and unpasteurized milk develop different aromas, flavours and textures. Production is highly regulated in order to combine great flavour with a healthy product.

Organic cheeses made from non-pasteurized milk must ripen for at least 60 days under strictly regulated conditions, in order to comply with Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards. This prevents the proliferation of any bacteria that could be a potential health hazard and ensures that the products are safe for consumption.

Cheeses like these are highly sought after by connoisseurs, as the ripening process promotes the development of particularly interesting, specific, organoleptic properties. The ripening period for our organic cheeses, made from unpasteurized milk, can be anywhere from 60 days to five years. This produces a top-quality cheese with a unique flavour, which is highly regarded throughout Canada and has won several awards in national and international competitions. Discover our complete line of cheeses now and treat your taste buds to a whole new world of flavour!

Traditional Organic Pasteurized Milk

Cheeses made from organic pasteurized milk have a distinctive texture and taste. They are at their best when “young,” unlike cheeses made from unpasteurized milk, which, as they ripen, develop the special aromas and textures so beloved by cheese connoisseurs. Most Canadian cheeses are made with pasteurized milk and are recommended for pregnant women and people with weak immune systems. Our organic pasteurized milk contains no food additives. It is 100% pure, Canadian milk.