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How are cows that produce organic milk treated and fed?

As oppose to conventional practices, in an organic dairy operation, all cows must be able to go out to pasture from May until mid-October. During the rest of the year, they must take regular exercise out in the fresh air. This means that their natural rhythms are respected.

Their food must contain daily at least 60% organic grass, and they can also eat organic cereals such as barley, oats, soybeans, wheat or corn. However, the proportion of cereals must not exceed the maximum allowed, which is 40% of their overall diet per day. During the summer, the proportion of grass increases to over 90% daily, as the cows go out to pasture every day.

Gentle background music is played in the barns to relax the animals and great care is taken to provide them with a comfortable floor to sleep on, including straw, sand—and sometimes even a mattress! Most organic certified farms use the loose barn system, where the cows are not tied up.

This is our way of working in harmony with our cows so that we can offer you tasty products that respect nature!

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