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Light Old Cheddar

This cheddar made from organic unpasteurized partially skimmed milk is aged for a minimum of 10 months. This low-fat cheese still has all of the sought-after flavour of L’Ancêtre cheeses.

It has a semi-soft, slightly brittle texture with a slightly salty taste and a nutty, buttery flavour that strengthens as it ripens. Slightly creamy texture.

This Canadian gluten free and lactose free cheese makes a delicious addition to any cheese platter and blends wonderfully with your recipes for baked and grilled dishes, as well as various desserts and pastries.


Organic unpasteurized partially skimmed milk, salt, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme.

M.F.: 18% Moisture: 47%

Available size

200 g

1 kg

2 kg

1 kg Shredded

2 kg Shredded

HRI/Food processor size

2 kg

2 kg Shredded

5 kg Shredded

19 kg

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