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Le Port-Royal red bell peppers & Jalapeños

Light cheese reduced in sodium.

Discover the best Mexican flavours with this red pepper and jalapeño cheese. Made from organic pasteurized partially skimmed milk, it contains only 7% fat, just like our Frugal, but it also has 50% less sodium.

The gleaming, cream-coloured cheese has a somewhat elastic, semi-soft texture and is dotted with finely chopped red peppers and jalapeños. The peppers give it a hot, spicy finish.

This gluten free and lactose free Canadian cheese can be enjoyed on its own, as a snack or as a tasty addition to your healthy recipes. When grilled or baked, this is a cheese that melts without browning.


Organic pasteurized partially skimmed milk, salt, organic jalapenos, organic bell peppers, calcium chloride, natural food flavour-enhancer preparation, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme

M.F.: 7% Moisture: 55%

Available size

200 g

1 kg

2 kg

1 kg Shredded

2 kg Shredded

HRI/Food processor size

2 kg

2 kg Shredded

5 kg Shredded

19 kg

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