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Mission and Values

Since 1992, L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory has been producing a wide variety of delicious, top-quality organic butters and cheeses. Our products are certified organic, which means that we are helping to advance the cause of sustainable development, respecting the environment and at the same time offering organic foods that are worth taking the time to enjoy!

Our wide range of products gives you the opportunity to really enjoy everyday eating. They add flavour to your healthy meals, are great for snacking on and the perfect complement to your gluten free breakfasts.

Our values – Day after Day

L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory bases its work on 6 key values. They govern everything we do, ensuring that our tasty, top-quality organic butters and cheeses are produced in harmony with the environment.

1 – Sustainable Development

All of our products are designed to promote the health of our planet. We see sustainable development as including nature and the human race. Our practices and methods impact the environment, animal farming and relations with our suppliers, clients, employees and partners.

2 – Innovation and Organic Product Development

Right from the start we have shown that it is possible to make healthy products that are full of flavour too. As pioneers in this field, our research and development programs are continually focused on creating delicious products that are even better for our health and the environment.

3 – Excellence

We continually strive to improve by introducing best practices in terms of quality control, production and customer service.

4 – Integrity

We are truly committed to bringing you tasty, certified organic products that are better for both your health and the environment. We run our business with integrity and transparency with respect to you, the customer, our employees and our partners.

5 – Passion

Producing organic cheeses and organic butters has been a passion for us since 1992. We make sure we pass that passion on to all of our workers and partners, so that you can taste it in every bite.

6 – The joy of family meals!

You, our customers, are members of the great L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory family! Together with our employees and our partners, we all take pleasure in eating well. You are important members of our family and play a vital role. We are always keen to know what you think and hear about your ideas—so why wait?

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